La Dogana

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The house is our home for part of the year - many comment on this when contacting us after their stay.  It has given us and many friends untold pleasure for more than twenty-five years.  We have a deep affection for La Dogana and the surrounding area, its beauty, its culture, its friendly people and its food. 

Winter is a different experience with many cold but sunny days.  A large open fire and central heating (with thick walls that retain the warmth - importantly, they keep the house cool in summer) make the house really cosy.

The level of furnishing and equipment reflects our standards.  Everything you are likely to need is there - down to luxury soap, shampoo and conditioner, swimming towels, medicine cupboard and hairdryers.

The restoration retains many of the original features, including the outside bread oven (now substituted with a stone-built barbecue).  

The surrounding area is utterly beautiful.  The local people are incredibly friendly (especially if you can manage even a few words of Italian).

There is a mass of space for 11 people with a variety of places to eat.  And spots to enjoy solitude (gently rocking in a hammock if you wish). No matter what you are seeking, La Dogana is an ideal place for family holidays and celebrating special anniversaries.

For those of architectural or historic bent, records show that buildings existed on the site in both Roman and Etruscan times. 

H. V. Morton captures the atmosphere:

“Of all the regions of Italy, Umbria is the most subtle, the most tranquil and the most mysterious.   One has the feeling that the roots go down even deeper than usual, beyond the Etruscans, to an unknown people speaking a lost tongue, and that the mountain-tops have seen star-gazers of whose existence history has no record”.


There is reliable Wi-Fi connection.


Jim and Caroline, a charming English couple, live nearby and have looked after La Dogana for twenty five years.  There has never been a problem they couldn't solve.  Or a question they couldn't answer.

They greet guests on arrival, clean the house weekly and keep the pool crystal clear.



These services can usually be arranged.


La Dogana is available from mid June to mid September + some winter months. Rentals start on a Saturday.


The nearest airport is Perugia (45 mins to the house).  BA and Ryanair fly there but not on Saturdays.

Airports at Bologna + Florence - 2 hours.  Rome + Pisa under 3 hours.

The drive from Calais, all motorway, is an easy journey with one (or preferably two) overnight stop/s.